Native Choice Nursery

Native Gardening Services

What We Do

  • Site visits and consultation
  • Provide low maintenance landscape design and installation of native plants
  • No job is too small. We do everything from small butterfly gardens to a full yard restorations

Site visits and consultations are $75/hr (credit toward services engaged). A sketch of the area to be landscaped will be drawn along with location and sizes of plants to be installed. If a more elaborate design is required a landscape architect will be contracted. Prices vary as to size and detail of design for the landscape architect.

All mulch required will be charged at market price. We do not use Cypress mulch due to the degradation of the cypress wetlands. Plantation grown Eucalyptus mulch which is a natural insect repellent or Melaleuca mulch which is an invasive non-native tree are the best choices for an environmentally friendly yard.

Native Choice Nursery